Nasal Encephalocele

Encephalocele: Congenital nasal encephaloceles are complex problems that are best treated by the combined efforts of a neurosurgeon and a plastic surgeon. An encephalocele is the herniation of the brain through a congenital or traumatic opening in the cranium. Alterations and distortions of the surrounding facial structures, such as deformities of the naso-orbital skeleton due to an absence or separation of bone in the midline of the face, are complications of encephaloceles due to their position and size. Comprehensive treatment includes resecting the encephalocele, repairing the fibrous covering of the brain, repairing any bony defects, and reconstructing a more normal soft tissue facial appearance. With recent advances in diagnostic and surgical techniques, it is possible to perform a thorough preoperative evaluation and to treat the lesion with definitive one-stage reconstruction at the time of excision.

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